Crossed 1 (September 2008)


Well, I’ve had my first taste of Crossed in, what seems to be its more full extent (i.e. what Avatar can get away with publishing and selling to the movie people). Ennis introducing torture and rape into the zombie mix (and apparently armed zombies) is definitely disturbing, but it’s also kind of brilliant. Zombies can already run, so what else is there….

It’s a survivor story, here, at the first real issue. There’s a brief follow-up to the prologue and it’s referenced a couple times, but Ennis could have just as easily left it out. So one real issue in, I have no idea where he’s going with Crossed, but it doesn’t really matter. Ennis and zombies–even torturing zombies–is a bit of a waste of Ennis’s abilities. He can do so much more.

But, we’ll see. I’m openminded (for Crossed, at least).

Burrows’s art’s damned creepy though.


Writer, Garth Ennis; artist, Jacen Burrows; colorist, Juanmar; editor, William Christensen; publisher, Avatar Press.


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