Crossed 2 (October 2008)


And the second issue is… well, it’s… rough.

Not rough as in unfinished, but rough in… Ennis is lucky to have Burrows on this one. Burrows has a very clean, very accessible art style. The guy must love blood and guts because otherwise he’d be at Marvel as a house artist, since he can draw, but there’s also this vicious thing to him. Burrows is able to capture the evil of it all, in his facial expressions and in the panic. It works.

Not a lot of time spent on character development, but definitely some. The narrator’s got a crush on the leader of the group, it’s an interesting affection, since she’s got a kid and there’s an abusive ex-husband in the mix.

I’m not sold, because I’m not letting myself get too giddy on an Avatar series (do they ever work out in the long term?), but optimistic.


Writer, Garth Ennis; artist, Jacen Burrows; colorist, Juanmar; editor, William Christensen; publisher, Avatar Press.


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