Spider-Man: Fever 2 (July 2010)


Well, the first issue was certainly no fluke. Here, set entirely in some magic dimension, McCarthy lets loose with both the art and the storytelling… almost immediately finding the humanity in it all.

He sets Spider-Man on a quest to kill a fly. Kind of a human fly (its soul is human). The story itself might even be set in the Ditko period McCarthy is homaging, given the lack of further complications (girlfriends, marriage) in Peter’s life. But it’s stunningly modern in its storytelling; McCarthy could be an example of why psychedelic should never be used as a pejorative.

The way he wraps it all in at the end–the idea Spider-Man only exists because of these magical, evil spider demons… it’s really nest. Maybe because it’s just a story and not some attempt to retcon the character.

And the Dr. Strange stuff is great. Funny and good.

McCarthy does well.


Strange Spiders; writer and artist, Brendan McCarthy; colorists and letterers, Steve Cook and McCarthy; editors, Tom Brennan, Joe Quesada and Stephen Wacker; publisher, Marvel Comics.


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