The Invincible Iron Man 32 (January 2011)


In what I can only describe as a Jeff Parker moment, Fraction reveals—in the backup, illustrated by McKelvie—Pepper’s suit, J.A.R.V.I.S., has the hots for her. It’s cute (and ties into that next big crossover event).

The main story is Tony and Team Iron Man (I can’t imagine that name sticking) battling the drones of Hammer.

Lots and lots of action, which is what Larroca does best. Fraction does these action issues so infrequently, I’d forgotten how well they read. Though he does forget about the saboteur, who’s got to be revealed next issue. But he doesn’t just forget about revealing the saboteur, he forgets the plot point, which should be important here.

Also, I’m not sure where Rhodey’s been. He just shows up this issue like he’s been hanging out and not missing from the last two issues.

Lots of petty complaints; it’s actually a very strong issue.


Stark Resilient, Part Eight: Drones Scream Down; artist, Salvador Larroca; colorist, Frank G. D’Armata. Again at the End of the World with your Pal, Pepper Potts; artist, Jamie McKelvie; colorist, Matthew Wilson. Writer, Matt Fraction; letterer, Joe Caramagna; editor, Stephen Wacker; publisher, Marvel Comics.


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