Dark Horse Presents 128 (January 1998)


Wow. Dave Cooper’s Dan & Larry might be the most horrifying thing I’ve ever read. Cooper is creating this psychotic, awful version of the standard cartoon buddies. One’s a duck, the other’s a… something or other. And he does awful, awful things. Great art, amazing ideas… it’s awful and strange and wonderful.

Metalfer is a bit better this installment. Manoukian and Roucher spend their pages doing an action scene. The art carries the story and it even gets amusing towards the end. I wish every installment were this good.

Oakley outdoes himself on Stiltskin (once again). This installment covers some more of his protagonist’s formative years. Oakley’s does a lot with just the narration and the story really affects the reader. His art, like before, is solid, good work… but it’s his writing where he’s phenomenal. An excellent installment.

Weissman’s Phineas Page one page strip is great as usual; very funny.


Dan & Larry, Part One, Don’t Do That!; story and art by Dave Cooper; edited by Bob Schreck. Metalfer, Part Three, The Quarry; story and art by Stan Manoukian and Vince Roucher; lettering by Clem Robins; translated by Benoit Grenier. Stiltskin; Part Two, Every Road That Takes Me; story and art by Shane Oakley; lettering by John Robbins. Phineas Page, The Bookshelf Phantom, Stay Gold; story and art by Steven Weissman. Edited by Jamie S. Rich.


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