The Bulletproof Coffin 5 (October 2010)


Hine and Kane seem to be aware they’ve set themselves up for a needing a big, satisfying conclusion… not sure if that awareness makes it more likely or less.

Once again, the layers start folding in on themselves, making it very hard to understand exactly what—if there is a “real” timeline—is going on. Some of the book’s quality comes from how little it matters. The questions and contradictions Kane and Hine raise are often self-serving. They don’t beg for a flat explanation in the final issue.

This issue concerns itself with one item—the location of the creators—something introduced in the cliffhanger to the previous issue (as already having been discovered… sort of). They’re able to make an entire, action-filled issue out of it.

The flashback art is now back to the unlikely (why Kane adds nudity to the Silver Age stuff is beyond me).


Animals, Children and Bad Motherfuckers; writers, Shaky Kane and David Hine; artist and colorist, Kane; letterers, Richard Starkings and Jimmy Betancourt; publisher, Image Comics.


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