Cinder and Ashe 3 (July 1988)


It’s the first issue where nothing incredibly awful happens. Or maybe Conway’s just numbed the reader at this point. It’s also the first where the dialect is presented as a language. There’s no more painful translating from French to English.

Garcia-Lopez also gets in his best art of the series so far. He’s had the opportunity for emotive panel layout before this issue, but here his layouts are sometimes startling. It’s an amazing looking issue.

Conway gets around to revealing the big conspiracy behind the story and he handles it very well. It’s not a subtle thing, but he never lets it get out of hand. While it’s a relatively common conspiracy revelation, it’s never predictable before this issue (though there’s a giveaway early on in these pages). Conway’s finally found the perfect formula for Cinder and Ashe.

It’s amazing how not translating the French makes the narration work.


Writer, Gerry Conway; artist, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez; colorist, Joe Orlando; letterer, John Costanza; editor, Pat Bastienne; publisher, DC Comics.


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