Bullet to the Head 3 (August 2010)


Besides the goofy, mildly homoerotic last page (a waste of a page too, Wilson does a full page panel), this issue of Bullet to the Head is easily the best so far.

The secret—no shock—to Matz turning in a good issue is the cops not being in it very much. About eighty percent of this issue is the hitmen. Not just them, their boss too. The cops only show up for three pages and it turns out Matz doesn’t contrive a New Orleans rendezvous. While it’s unlikely what he does do will remain as disconnected as it is now, it’s a sign Matz can plot the overall story without coming up with a bunch of dumb events.

The issue’s actually a little difficult to discuss, just because it’s so successful. It moves the story along nicely, setting up something totally different than what the first two issues suggested.


Writer, Matz; artist and letterer, Colin Wilson; colorist, Chris Blythe; editor, Joseph Rybrandt; publisher, Dynamite Entertainment.


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