Black Widow 2 (December 2004)


With Parlov taking over the layouts, all of a sudden it reminds me of Ennis.

Well, not really. Morgan does a fine job with Natasha—his brief first person narration works, instead of the usual, lengthy nonsense male writers do when writing first person narration for female characters—but the only other female character in the issue is so bad Jeph Loeb could’ve written her.

Some evil spy lady is—shocker, a lesbian—and violently lusting after a waitress. It’s like Ennis done bad.

Otherwise, the issue is good. It’s not as strong as the first issue because there’s not as much going on. None of the action scenes are memorable. Morgan sort of front-loaded it, especially for a six issue series. His second issue is a bridging issue, which is odd.

I’m confident he’ll get back on track, since he doesn’t leave it here… he just slows down.


Right to a Life, Part Two; writer, Richard K. Morgan; pencillers, Goran Parlov and Bill Sienkiewicz; inker, Sienkiewicz; colorist, Dan Brown; letterer, Chris Eliopoulos; editor, Jennifer Lee; publisher, Marvel Comics.


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