Hellraiser 0 (March 2011)


Now… I know I’m not the target audience (though I do love Leonardo Manco from some of his nineties work), but even so… I wish Boom! had gotten someone better than Christopher Monfette to clean up Clive Barker’s dialogue.

It’s unclear how Barker and Monfette split the duties, but something about the lame dialogue makes me think Barker’s got some kind of a hand in it.

Again, I’m not the Barker audience. I like good writers.

Boom! has done something interesting with the zero issue—it’s a freely available PDF (you can download it here if interested). I’m pretty sure it’s the highest profile “digital only” release to date and it’s nice Boom! released it in an open format.

Though Manco’s art probably looks even better on the printed page.

It’s free and he nearly makes it worth a look. Or if you just want to snicker at the dialogue.


At the Tolling of the Bell; writers, Clive Barker and Chris Monfette; artist, Leonardo Manco; colorist, Juan Manuel Tumburús; letterer, Johnny Lowe; editor, Ian Brill; publisher, Boom! Studios.


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