Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her 6 (April 2006)


It’s interesting how Morgan finishes the series—it’s kind of setting up Civil War only with Dubya as the bad guy. I guess Marvel lost the cajones.

He also runs out of space, hinting the character he wasted about fifteen pages on throughout the series will be a threat next time, not this time. And there is no next time. The editor really should have asked for an outline.

The issue opens like a dream sequence, where everything’s going to be okay and then Natasha will wake up from a drug-induced delusion. Only she doesn’t wake up. The calvary arrives and it looks ludicrous—Daredevil running around in broad daylight, the blond Black Widow accessorizing her rescue gear—another sign Morgan stopped caring, if he ever did about this series.

He gets it to a mildly honest final moment (borrowing from The Terminator no less), but it’s not enough.


Welcome to the Game; writer, Richard K. Morgan; penciller, Sean Phillips; inker, Bill Sienkiewicz; colorist, Dan Brown; letterer, Cory Petit; editors, Cory Sedlmeier and Jennifer Lee; publisher, Marvel Comics.


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