Swamp Thing 17 (July-August 1975)


The Michelinie curse continues.

It turns out Swamp Thing didn’t just crash land on any Caribbean island last issue, but the one where evil mastermind Nathan Ellery has his secret base. Their new mission—make all the leaders of the world brain dead, so Ellery can take over….

But Michelinie doesn’t stop there. Abby and Matt captured too. Abby’s developing psychic powers, this issue hints, which might explain why she confronts Ellery about his fall off the roof ten issues before. She didn’t actually witness that event, but it’s okay… Batman was there and he doesn’t make the flashback panels.

Michelinie tries to make the series more serious, having Swamp Thing murder Ellery in cold blood. Michelinie’s writing ruins the scene.

Redondo’s designs on all Ellery’s robots are pretty good. The dogs are cool looking.

In terms of quality, the series no longer resembles the one Wein and Wrightson created.


The Destiny Machine; writer, David Michelinie; artist, Nestor Redondo; colorist, Tatjana Wood; letterer, Marcos; editors, Paul Levitz and Joe Orlando; publisher, DC Comics.

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