Xombi 20 (January 1996)


Maybe Rozum should have just written a novel. This issue has David meeting his essentially immortal future love—they won’t get together for eighty years, which is then the lifespan of the series’s potential present action—and the Rabbi going around her castle seeing a bunch of funny supernatural people.

Rozum has names for everything and everyone, but he never comes up with a good term for the goofy, sometimes creepy inhabitants of Xombi. It’s unfortunate.

It’s also unfortunate he spent most of this arc on David’s future love interest. She’s out of the book now (for eighty years) so why waste three of the five last issues on her?

The book’s imminent cancellation is briefly discussed on the letters page, so clearly, Rozum could have made a move to not waste issues until the series was on safer ground.

Anyway, the issue’s is as competent and troubled as always.


Hidden Cities, Part Four: Transient Smoke; writer, John Rozum; artist, J.J. Birch; colorist, Noelle C. Giddings; letterer, Agnes Pinaha; editor, Jaqueline Ching; publisher, Milestone.


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