Nancy in Hell 4 (October 2010)


For the last issue, Torres decides he needs a twist ending—no spoilers, but it’s the weakest of all possible twist endings. The ending I was hoping for, one setting up an awesome sequel, does not come to pass.

Ryp returns for the final two page spread. It would have been nice to have him the whole time, though I guess the replacements do all right. Once again, Malaka Studio and Antonio Vasquez do about the level of work I’d expect from this kind of thing. This issue has some monsters. I would have loved to see Ryp draw a monster.

Torres’s writing is at times too strong for it and too weak. His plotting is uninspired (the big reveal, like I said, is the weakest of all possible) but his actual writing in scene is quite good. Way too good for Nancy in Hell.

It’s disappointing, but still readable.


Writer, El Torres; artists, Malaka Studio, Antonio Vasquez and Juan Jose Ryp; colorist, Francis Gamboa; letterer, Malaka Studio; editor, C. Edward Sellner; publisher, Image Comics.


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