Chronicles of Wormwood 6 (July 2007)


Ennis winds things up relatively quietly. There’s no return of the various supporting cast members—Joan of Arc doesn’t get a cameo, neither does Danny’s ex-girlfriend—instead, it’s just God, the Devil, the Anti-Christ and Jesus. Oh, and the talking bunny rabbit.

So it’s an intimate affair, lots of dialogue, a little sleight of hand. The problem with the issue—the first half, anyway—is the color scheme. It takes place in Hell, or at least a plain in limbo, and at night. It’s hard to make much out. Burrows’s art does come through, even the part when the reader needs to pay very close attention to something in the background, but it’s a chore.

Otherwise, it’s an excellent comic book. Ennis’s epilogue is full of humor, the kind kicked the series off with; it’s impossible not to enjoy.

Ennis ends on a quietly profound comment about friendship.


For the Former Things Are Passed Away; writer, Garth Ennis; artist, Jacen Burrows; colorist, Andrew Dalhouse; publisher, Avatar Press.


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