Secret Agent Corrigan, The Future Queen of Alpsberg (October 1968-January 1969)

X-9 V 1

It’s like whatever great advances Goodwin makes with Corrigan’s writing he almost immediately sets back. Well, not completely, but still noticeably. This story features Phil heading off to a fictional European country—with fairy tale castles—to sort out a prime minister’s plot against the future queen.

The setting gives Williamson a lot of great opportunity and it’s cool to see an action scene in the castle, but there’s something missing. A lot of the Corrigan plots seem engineered to give Williamson an interesting landscape to draw. While the art’s great, it doesn’t do much for the narrative.

Though Goodwin does introduce a couple good bad guys—Williamson has a great time with them (they look like they’re Prussian royalty)—and one almost wonders how Phil’s going to make it through.

I’ve realized Goodwin keeps Phil bland so he can fit into whatever exotic setting they choose.


Writer, Archie Goodwin; artist, Al Williamson; publisher, King Features.


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