Ender’s Game: Battle School 4 (May 2009)


I’ve got to hand it to Marvel… way to cheap out. They apparently got so cheap with Pascal Ferry, instead of paying him to draw three more panels, they zoomed in his artwork. The digital artifacts are obvious.

Otherwise, the issue is a lot like the previous one. Yost does better with the summarizing and adapting, but he’s still unable to turn the titular character into the protagonist. The problem is probably the source novel—not to mention however many restrictions Yost had in plotting the issues—but it still makes for an awkward read.

Besides, with the visualizing of the child army, the whole thing seems absurd. Only when the comic is shocking violent—one kid breaking another’s nose or something—does it suspend disbelief. Otherwise, it just seems like the dumbest property Disney ever tried to exploit.

And Ender’s Game is pre-Disney, so who knows the excuse?


Writer, Christopher Yost; artist, Pasqual Ferry; colorist, Frank D’Armata; letterer, Cory Petit; editor, Jordan D. White; publisher, Marvel Comics.


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