Men of War 2 (December 2011)


I wouldn’t say I enjoy reading Brandon’s comics—he’s not a good writer—but at least there’s always something funny to say about his writing. Some snide remark, whatever. But not this issue of Men of War. I think it’s goofy he’s got Sgt. Rock Jr. Jr. meeting up with a Greek goddess (Circe), but Derenick draws the heck out of the scene.

But the reason I’m not mocking Brandon isn’t just because he had the better artist this issue, but because Jonathan Vankin’s scripting on the backup story is laughable. It’s unbelievable an editor let this kind of dialogue pass in 2011. Vankin’s truly incompetent. It’s hard to describe; someone should sit down and study how not to write dialogue. And Winslade’s artwork is weak on the backup too but it’s not like good artwork would make a difference.

Still, I’m mildly impressed at Brandon’s atypically not terrible script.


Above the Air; writer, Ivan Brandon; artist, Tom Derenick; colorist, Matt Wilson. Human Shields, Part Two of Three; writer, Jonathan Vankin; artist, Phil Winslade; colorist, Thomas Chu. Letterer, Rob Leigh; editors, Kate Stewart and Joey Cavalieri; publisher, DC Comics.


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