Static Shock 2 (December 2011)


I’m not sure where to start.

Now, the first issue of Static Shock was unbelievably bad, but this second issue… it somehow manages to be even worse.

Maybe I just blocked the awfulness.

First, the art. McDaniel and Owens open with an incomprehensible action scene. Apparently, Static’s arm gets cut off and reattaches. I only figured out the extent of the injury during the truly godawful page where he talks to himself about his problems. The art doesn’t show this event clearly enough to follow it.

Then there’s the villains. They don’t just talk in exposition, they talk in exposition and tell the other villains exactly what to do–which kind of kills the narrative progression.

Oh, the gang stuff. Apparently, gang members in the new DC Universe talk like Steve Urkel.

I can’t believe Rozum’s got his name on this garbage. Static Shock‘s not just bad, it’s laughably incompetent.


Disarmed; writers, Scott McDaniel and John Rozum; penciller, McDaniel; inker, Andy Owens; colorist, Guy Major; letterer, Dezi Sienty; editor, Harvey Richards; publisher, DC Comics.


Planet of the Apes: The Forbidden Zone 2 (January 1993)


Cunningham has four plots this issue (and presumably through the entire series, until the last one). He’s got the peaceful humans and apes, the not peaceful apes, the mutants and then this expedition team. In some ways, it’s like he’s doing a good version of the second Apes movie—without the expectation of a Charlton Heston cameo.

With these four plots–a couple are definitely subplots, but assigning them catagories means deciding between the two remaining plots and it seems impossible to give either of them primacy. Anyway, with these four plots, Cunningham is juggling a big cast. Around twenty speaking parts. And he does a great job.

Forbidden Zone still isn’t remaking the wheel–it’s “just” a licensed property–but Cunningham’s execution is so masterful, it’s a joy to read.

Unfortunately, Kirk’s art is nowhere near as impressive as Cunningham’s writing. The art is decent, but Kirk’s completely unenthusiastic.

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