Batman 362 (August 1983)


I was expecting more from the art, with Alfredo Alcala inking Newton this issue. The art’s still good, but Batman’s talking heads scenes with Gordon are off a little. Newton and Alcala position Batman awkwardly in the space.

This issue is a Riddler issue, plain and simple. It opens with Edward Nigma figuring out a good riddle for Batman and Batman dealing with him. Moench is muted when it comes to both exposition and character development. While Bullock’s attack on Gordon’s career continues, there’s zilch about Gordon’s heart condition. I wonder if he just magically got better at some point off page.

As for Batman, there’s a mention of Jason Todd at the beginning, but Moench keeps the story tight. Batman and Gordon are after the Riddler; there’s no time for anything else.

The Riddler’s big riddle isn’t great (it’s lackluster after its first part), but the issue’s still solid.


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