Deadenders 10 (December 2000)

Beezer gets a nemesis this issue. Instead of seeing things in an idyllic, pre-disaster light, this guy sees them the other way. Bleeding eye sockets, end times sort of thing.

I assume Brubaker has a point to the juxtaposition but it doesn’t really matter. The nemesis angle is a lot less interesting than it should be. It overshadows–complete with a soft, ominous cliffhanger–the story developing between Beezer and the environment suit girl.

She has a name, I’m sure, but use has to wear an environment suit around all the time and everyone talks about it so her name doesn’t make much impression.

Brubaker sets about half the story back in the regular setting, the outer sector, and it’s a mistake. The story feels too artificial. He had a great chance to stick with Beezer on this strange quest and, instead, he drags all the comic’s baggage along.


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