Dracula World Order 1 (May 2012)


Didn’t some other publisher just try Dracula again? I guess in the vampire craze, everyone things Dracula is just the natural thing to do. To be fair, Ian Brill’s comic doesn’t seem Twilight-influenced based the vampire biology–he’s got to be able to give Dracula a rebellious son right off the bat.

So to speak.

Brill’s Dracula World Order tries to combine a monster team origin, political commentary, dystopian future and probably a couple other things. He’s got four artists on the book–Tonci Zonjic’s opening chapter is the weakest, art-wise, but still okay–but his chapters don’t make any sense. They’re artificial constructions to enable multiple artists.

The final one, with the Gabriel Hardman art, is the best. Though there’s something precious about Rahsan Ekedal’s one.

But no artist could make up for Brill’s weak dialogue or the lousy pacing. It’s not amateurish, it’s just not good.


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