Batman, Inc. 8 (October 2011)


Who knew Morrison was a fan of Batman: Digital Justice? Or is he just a fan of Tron?

Batman and Oracle team up to play a really cool VR game where they have to defeat a bad guy in the grid. Artist Scott Clark contributes the digital art, which at times sounds like it’s supposed to look cheap and retro, but Clark never changes up his style.

The result would be a disaster if it mattered. Morrison plays a lot with Batman, Inc. This time, the play leads to a crappy comic. The writing isn’t terrible–just dumb when it comes to technology–but Clark can’t integrate the text into the art. It’s ugly and confusing.

Morrison’s idea of the future of technology is a lot like the mid-nineties, only he drops modern tech buzzwords. Those moments particularly distract.

I’m failing to think of anything I liked.

The end?


Nightmares in Numberland; writer, Grant Morrison; artist, Scott Clark colorist, Dave Beaty; letterer, Dave Sharpe; editors, Katie Kubert, Janelle Siegel and Mike Marts; publisher, DC Comics.


One thought on “Batman, Inc. 8 (October 2011)

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  1. This was a sad ending to a somewhat interesting title. Kudos for trying something diffrent in approach than the other Batman titles, but the scope of the ambition and what it adds up to left it with a less than perfect aftertaste. Still, miles ahead of the regular Bat books. The second series, with it’s emphasis on Leviathan, scores better on the focus dept…

    We even lost Andy Calrke after this, one of the better prospects of the newer DC artists. Ooops, spoke too soon. He did the backup on the new issue of Batman. Think DC would have a better slot for someone of his talents…

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