Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes 1 (February 2012)


Famously (or infamously), the Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes special burned off the remaining Inc. issues from before the “New 52.” It’s less a cohesive big issue than just two issues packaged as one, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Actually, the big reveal in the second story–Leviathan’s identity–isn’t a bad reveal. Morrison even jokes at the obviousness of it all; he just did a good job distracting with all his busy work. He keeps up that busy work for the second story and, though Burnham’s art is excellent, the payoff’s lackluster.

The first story, with Cameron Stewart art, which involves Stephanie Brown going undercover at a girl’s school of assassins is a lot of fun. Stewart’s art is slick and Morrison’s script is fun. He writes Stephanie better than anyone else in Inc., except maybe Selina.

Instead of writing the best story, Morrison’s too concentrated on seeming smart.


Chapter 1: The School of Night; writer, Grant Morrison; artist, Cameron Stewart. Chapter 2: Leviathan Strikes!; writer, Morrison; artist, Chris Burnham. Colorist, Nathan Fairbairn; letterer, Sal Cipriano; editors, Katie Kubert, Rickey Purdin and Mike Marts; publisher, DC Comics.


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  1. And smart it was. While the big reveal in the second story was the headliner, it was easily upstaged by the whip smart speed of the Stephanie Spoiler short(?). Her “schooling” the girls was worth the price of admission.

    Even with Morrison’s lack of focus at times, and the “trick device” core of some of his plots, Bat Inc. seems to always entertain, and keep at least 2 DC comics on my pull list. Ok, I’ll stop whoring now…

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