Half Past Danger 1 (May 2013)

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I’m really impressed. I’d never even heard of Stephen Mooney before Half Past Danger–I hadn’t heard of him so much I thought the names were separate (based on the cover credit). I’m shocked to see it’s just one guy doing this comic and one I haven’t heard of.

Danger is highly derivative. Little Sgt. Rock, little League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, little Jurassic Park. G.I.s versus dinosaurs. It works. Mooney makes it work. His art style is perfect for the kind of period piece he’s doing and he also goes out of his way to keep it unexpected.

He opens the issue with this sergeant being the topic of his men’s conversation, switches focus to said sergeant, then makes the encounter with the Jurassic tyrannosaur so crazy he’s keeping everyone in danger, even the “safe” characters.

The finale, set in 1940s New York City, is just fantastic stuff.

Danger’s great.


Bite the Bullet; writer, artist, colorist and letterer, Stephen Mooney; publisher, IDW Publishing.

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  1. This little book has ben a lot of fun so far at the shop. When customers pick it up and ask me about it, I tell ’em pure and simple; Soldiers, Nazi’s, a hot protagonist, and of course, dinosaurs. A gulity pleasure, for sure, but satisfying in a way your favorite breakfast cereal in the morning is. Good execution by Mooney, who really digs this stuff and depicts it in a convincing way.

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