The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones 14 (February 1984)


David Mazzucchelli does the pencils this issue. Best looking Indiana Jones so far.

It’s a strange issue, with Michelinie actually concentrating more on Indy and Marion’s romance than any archeological adventure. He even has a super villain type thing going on, with an irate handyman finding lost artifacts and going insane.

In an abandoned old hotel no less.

There are lots of scenes. The issue takes a while to read even though nothing really happens with the bad guy other than him being a nutty jerk. And Micheline doesn’t even spend much time with Indy and Marion as they chase him. Even though the bad guy’s thought balloons are dreadfully overwritten, Micheline clearly wants to pace the romance plot carefully.

The issue works out, even if it’s often boring, just because it’s absolutely gorgeous and Micheline does take his main characters seriously.

Mazzucchelli draws a fantastic, lush thirties Connecticut too.


Demons; writer, David Michelinie; penciller, David Mazzucchelli; inker, The Saint; colorist, Robbie Carosella; letterer, Joe Rosen; editor, Eliot Brown; publisher, Marvel Comics.


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