Pussey! (August 1989-October 1994)

Pussey! is a collection of strips from Eightball, published over five years, concerning a comic book artist named Dan Pussey. It’s pronounced poo-say, so just remember that distinction. A lot of the strip is Clowes examining the comic book industry and its fans. I don’t think there’s a single sympathetic character in the entire collection. In fact, Clowes makes a point to make the protagonist unsympathetic as time progresses. Until the finale, when it’s a tragedy comics are forgotten. Clowes gets in a sadly hilarious analog of Stan Lee and uses him as the face of exploitative publishers. Like much … Continue reading Pussey! (August 1989-October 1994)

Wilson (April 2010)

I’ve never read Clowes before. I saw Ghost World and had major problems and assumed I wouldn’t like his comic work. I was wrong. Clowes sets Wilson up, intentionally or not, as the craziest collection of Sunday strips from a newspaper comic strip. Each page is a one page strip, with some differing art styles someone more involved might have something to say about (why one strip is realistically rendered while another is not). The strips all end with a resolution and observation. As a protagonist, Clowes’s Wilson is a poor, untalented version of Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” persona… … Continue reading Wilson (April 2010)