Pussey! (August 1989-October 1994)

Pussey! is a collection of strips from Eightball, published over five years, concerning a comic book artist named Dan Pussey. It’s pronounced poo-say, so just remember that distinction. A lot of the strip is Clowes examining the comic book industry and its fans. I don’t think there’s a single sympathetic character in the entire collection. In fact, Clowes makes a point to make the protagonist unsympathetic as time progresses. Until the finale, when it’s a tragedy comics are forgotten. Clowes gets in a sadly hilarious analog of Stan Lee and uses him as the face of exploitative publishers. Like much … Continue reading Pussey! (August 1989-October 1994)

Acme Novelty Library 1 (Winter 1993)

Wow, what an exceptionally depressing piece of work. Ware has little Jimmy Corrigan stories and bigger ones. The bigger ones tend to be more affecting. There’s a Big Tex story in here too and it’s the closest thing to played for laughs Acme Novelty Library gets. Having heard about it for years, but not read it, I did not know what to expect. I certainly wasn’t reading for this depressing story about a kid and his mother—abandoned by the father—who then grows up to be a recluse. What’s so affecting is the breaks Ware takes in Jimmy’s timeline. At some … Continue reading Acme Novelty Library 1 (Winter 1993)