Fashion Beast 10 (May 2013)

What a bad last issue. Poor Percio ends up doing something like four to eight panels a page to get all the story done and he doesn’t work well under pressure. Lots and lots of loose art. There’s a fight scene at the climax. A pointless one. Actually, wait, most of this issue is pointless. Then there’s the goofy finish. In his adapting, somehow Johnston has drained everything good about Fashion Beast–as a comic–and instead puts forward this terribly done mimic of a movie. Lots of the problems–probably all of them–are from the original script and plot. Moore doesn’t get … Continue reading Fashion Beast 10 (May 2013)

Fashion Beast 9 (April 2013)

Well, Tomboy finally gets a proper name. But no lines. Lines aren’t important for anyone but the evil ladies working the clothes factory this issue. And the custodian girl gets a few scenes. It’s odd how Johnston brings things together from the first issue in the ninth. His sequential adaptation of the script is terrible on the technical level. Lots of time passes this issue, with definite description–six weeks; it feels the like a comic for the most part, like this portion of Moore’s original script lends itself best to the format. It’s too bad it’s not a good issue. … Continue reading Fashion Beast 9 (April 2013)

Fashion Beast 8 (March 2013)

More problems. Doll goes back to her old neighborhood and Tomboy shows her how everything has changed. Only Johnston–and Moore, he doesn’t get off the hook for this one–never showed how it was when Doll was there. There’s no passage of time; Doll could have been a model for a couple weeks, a couple months or a year. Since Johnston and Moore never established the ground situation or how much time has passed since the beginning of Fashion Beast, it’s hard to say. The lengthy tour with Tomboy explaining why functional fashion is better is trying. It’s Moore’s second big … Continue reading Fashion Beast 8 (March 2013)

Fashion Beast 7 (February 2013)

Percio gets Fashion Beast’s most thankless task… trying to make the characters act. With Johnston sticking to Moore’s dialogue and apparently unwilling to make it fit the comic medium better, Percio’s actually the one who has to make it work. This issue features the boss–the titular beast–unintentionally (one assumes) flirting with Doll. So Percio has to illustrate his desire, her confusion and then her enthusiasm to it. All while the dialogue works against that reading; it’s a subtext and it’d be fine if it were acted, but comics don’t do well with subtext. Especially not with Johnston involved. The result … Continue reading Fashion Beast 7 (February 2013)

Fashion Beast 6 (January 2013)

The next big twist is predictable. It just had to work out the way it does–I guess there was one other alternative but Moore and company had done enough with gender. It makes the majority of the issue sort of superfluous. The real moment comes at the end when Doll becomes the protagonist again. Tomboy doesn’t show up the entire issue, which is a good thing for it too. Johnston hasn’t been letting Fashion Beast breath. He’s been putting things too close together. This issue is a talking heads one and there’s only so much space with it. For once, … Continue reading Fashion Beast 6 (January 2013)

Fashion Beast 5 (December 2012)

And this issue has another big twist. It’s hard to guess whether there are any more coming up or if the big surprises only come before the halfway mark. It’s hard to see where Fashion Beast is going in general. This issue has a handful of conversations, the bridging pages and not much else. But very little has actually happened. One of the big incidents this issue is actually something I assumed had already been resolved. Maybe Johnston isn’t allowed to add dialogue; a film script isn’t a comic script, after all. There’s no forced pacing to the comic, which … Continue reading Fashion Beast 5 (December 2012)

Fashion Beast 4 (November 2012)

Besides Moore’s dialogue, the issue’s got nothing going. It’s four conversations with Johnston inserting filler between them. Doll and Tomboy argue about the outfit. Doll ends up seeing the boss about it. Tomboy and the custodian girl–who was supposed to be fired at the end of the first issue, I thought–have quick conversation, then Doll and Tomboy have another one. Once again, Percio does wonders with Doll’s expressions. He doesn’t do as well with Tomboy, who sort of takes over the issue. But the dialogue is all fantastic so it plays quite well. Johnston is very reductive in his adaptation. … Continue reading Fashion Beast 4 (November 2012)

Fashion Beast 3 (October 2012)

Ah ha, big plot twist this issue. Wonder if I should even mention it. No. The comic picks up from last issue with Doll running away from the mean lesbian (who doesn’t even have a name–her t-shirt says Tomboy so maybe it’s the most concise moniker) and getting beat up by protestors. People starving in the streets, slowly dying from radiation in the atmosphere… they’re not thrilled with the fashion industry. Then comes the big twist and Doll returning to the fashion factory, where things work out all right for her. Percio does a fantastic job with the expressions for … Continue reading Fashion Beast 3 (October 2012)

Fashion Beast 2 (September 2012)

See, there you go, I had no idea the protagonist–her name’s Doll–worked at a nightclub. I thought she was working for the fashion guy, but no. Big fail from Johnston on that one. This issue is a lot better than the last one, with most of the issue having Moore dialogue. There’s a nice expository opening–with people on the street filling the reader in on the ground situation–before Doll finally ends up at the fashion place. Giving a transgender girl a masculine lesbian for a nemesis is a little odd, especially since not everyone is mean, just the villain fashion … Continue reading Fashion Beast 2 (September 2012)

Fashion Beast 1 (August 2012)

Given how much effort Alan Moore puts into his comic scripts–instructions to the artist for each panel, for example–one can easily tell he’s not writing Fashion Beast. Antony Johnston is–I assume–using Moore’s dialogue, but who knows what kind of instruction he’s giving artist Facundo Percio. Did Johnston actually tell Percio to waste about a third of the issue on montage shots? Once the comic gets going, it’s pretty good. The protagonist–at this point–seems to be a transgender girl who works as a coat check girl for the poshest fashion designer in a dystopian city. Percio’s visuals for the city are … Continue reading Fashion Beast 1 (August 2012)