Peanuts 1 (January 2012)

Vicki Scott writes Lucy very well. Maybe even distressingly well. Scott writes two stories this issue, one featuring Lucy trying to get a song out of her head, the other Lucy teaching the reader how to draw Charlie Brown. In the first, Paige Braddock’s charming art sort of takes over. It’s well-written, but there’s a lot of visuals to draw one’s attention. In the art lesson, however, Lucy’s personality comes through and it’s great. Mean-spirited, yet amusing and appealing. The other story, from Shane Houghton and Matt Whitlock, is also good. Long story short, Snoopy gets roped into bloodhound duty … Continue reading Peanuts 1 (January 2012)

Peanuts 0 (November 2011)

As a Peanuts fan, I was a little surprised to hear Kaboom! was doing a new series. I was hesitant, just because exploiting a franchise after its creator is gone seems… well, difficult. But, if this zero issue is any indication, Kaboom! is going to do a fine job. What’s best about the two original stories in the issue is their freedom from the Schulz strips, but also their reverence of them. Ron Zorman’s piece, set early in the Peanuts run, opens up a traditional strip. The comic page lets him change the visual pacing. The result is a “decompressed” … Continue reading Peanuts 0 (November 2011)