The Damned: Prodigal Sons 3 (August 2008)

Bunn and Hurtt finish up The Damned here (for now). Apparently, Prodigal Sons was nothing but a bridging series to the next storyline, where the demons are at war once more. This series, in some ways, serves its goals—it introduces Eddie’s brother, it introduces Eddie’s parents, it explores the underworld. It’s also a complete and utter waste of time. This issue, in particular, is pointless. It’s action scenes punctuated with hints at some further secret, undoubtedly to be revealed in a subsequent series. The problem’s Bunn’s handling of such an inconsequential followup. Instead of just doing a nice standalone sequel, … Continue reading The Damned: Prodigal Sons 3 (August 2008)

The Damned: Prodigal Sons 2 (May 2008)

And here’s where The Damned falls apart. The entire first series, it was implied if not directly stated people knew the demons lived among them. This issue establishes people do not. Only a select few (namely, all the humans in the first series). Why they don’t tell other people? Bunn doesn’t explain. This issue is full of action. It’s so full of action, it’s the first time I’ve seen Hurtt get a little light on the facial details. The entire issue feels perfunctory, like Bunn and Hurtt agreed to do Prodigal Sons then realized they didn’t want to do it … Continue reading The Damned: Prodigal Sons 2 (May 2008)

The Damned: Prodigal Sons 1 (April 2008)

I’m not sure when Bunn and Hurtt came up with the idea for Prodigal Sons, but it seems like it was during the last issue of the first Damned series. Here, Eddie’s not the protagonist. Instead, it’s his brother (Morgan, I think). And we find out Eddie was always cursed, ever since he was a little kid. Sins of the father it turns out. Bunn’s story explores a little of Eddie’s past, but mostly it’s just one surprise after the other (the demon and Eddie’s father, the demon’s daughter eating a dove, Eddie killing himself, the singer at the club … Continue reading The Damned: Prodigal Sons 1 (April 2008)

The Damned 5 (February 2007)

Bunn brings Damned to a predictable, yet still unpredictable conclusion. The main story about the mob war ends predictably… but there’s a lot unexpected elements here. One’s a new story thread introduced, another’s a conclusion for a character—both have to do with how little Bunn has actually revealed about his protagonist. Unfortunately, the ending is a little unfinished. Neither reveal is as effective as it could be. One needs more time, one needs less. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic issue. Bunn plots it with a nice mix of investigation, action and wrap-up so Hurtt gets to draw a variety of styles. … Continue reading The Damned 5 (February 2007)

The Damned 4 (January 2007)

I’m not sure if I just remember the twist in The Damned or if it’s obvious. It’s probably a little of both. Here, in the fourth issue, Bunn gets around to really establishing the demon mythology (still no word on when they first showed up). Hurtt really shows his range here. He’s got the period architecture, gangsters, street fights between demons… but then he also has this “secret history of demons” stuff to illustrate. See, as fallen angels left Heaven it was a migration to Hell (this revelation, which maybe doesn’t make much difference, is just a great detail from … Continue reading The Damned 4 (January 2007)

The Damned 3 (December 2006)

I think this issue is Bunn’s first all action issue. I guess it’s not all action, but the second half is a long action sequence (a gunfight) punctuated by a mob shootout. The opening is some more weirdness going on with the demons and Eddie talking to the Worm. Bunn’s dialogue makes the Worm sequence move fast enough it’s not entirely disgusting–it’s still darn gross though. Eddie continues his investigation (what’s so great about Damned is how it’s a pre-noir noir) and gets into that gunfight. It’s a beautiful sequence from Hurtt. Eddie’s falling flights of stairs, he’s shooting from … Continue reading The Damned 3 (December 2006)

The Damned 2 (November 2006)

Hurtt gets really gross this issue. Not so much in the first half. The first half is all demons and bigger demons and Eddie being all beat up. The second half has a multi-eyed demon with all his eyes torn out wrapped in barbed wire. Then there’s the Worm, who Bunn first mentioned last issue. It’s a gigantic, multi-eyed worm thing. Its human sister is Eddie’s love interest. It’s very disquieting. Especially since the demons look like something out of a Disney movie. They aren’t scary. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to keep them apart. Thank goodness for the narration identifying … Continue reading The Damned 2 (November 2006)

The Damned 1 (October 2006)

It’s amazing how much Bunn fits into this issue. It really shows what a comic can do without ads to worry about. He does a cinematic opening of the protagonist—Eddie—being resurrected. Then he has Eddie meet up with one gangster (all the major gangsters are demons, not sure Bunn ever bothers explaining it), then another, then he goes off investigating something, then there’s a big conclusion. Also there’s a girl. The comic probably has fourteen scenes. All of it with beautiful Hurtt art. He’s doing a thirties gangster picture, only with the occasional horror sequence. Oh, wait, I even forgot … Continue reading The Damned 1 (October 2006)

The Damned 0 (October 2006)

This prequel slash teaser slash ashcan ran as a backup in other Oni titles and online. I’ve read The Damned before and… although there’s some nice Hurtt art here (there’s a double page spread, not a lot of action, but the art is beautiful), it’s not a very good preview. Bunn sort of introduces the premise–but it’s just not long enough so it doesn’t work. It’s not confusing (though, one might wonder why a demon shows up at the end–the opening demon, the protagonist’s friend, isn’t sensational enough), it just doesn’t work. The protagonist narrates his sequence, explaining he can’t … Continue reading The Damned 0 (October 2006)