Resident Alien 3 (July 2012)

I didn’t really like this one. The issue, I mean. The series is still fine. To some degree, getting the series set for a sequel didn’t help Hogan. But also not having a good conclusion to his mystery. He has Harry finishing up the investigation and then the investigation sort of blowing up in his face. There’s nothing interesting about the plot structure and the case gets boring. And then the supporting cast falls off again too. Not even Asta has anything to do during the issue, just for her big scene at the end. It’s hard to say if … Continue reading Resident Alien 3 (July 2012)

Resident Alien 2 (June 2012)

Hogan does flashbacks–three of them. First to Harry arriving on Earth and outfitting himself at a mall; it’s a cute little sequence. Parkhouse drawing a mall is really entertaining for whatever reason. Then there’s a flashback to his home planet and his girl. It fits in the story, amid another reminiscence of the past. The last flashback has the men in black in it. Hogan is ramping up the possibility Harry will be discovered; it’s the issue’s main subplot. The murder investigations are the primary, with a lot going on–oddly, the sheriff doesn’t get enough page time at all. Hogan … Continue reading Resident Alien 2 (June 2012)

Resident Alien 1 (May 2012)

And here’s the issue where I start to love Resident Alien. First, Hogan writes an awesome conversation between Harry–the alien (I’m sixty percent sure Harry’s his Earth name)–and the night nurse at the town clinic. Her name’s Asta. Like the dog in The Thin Man, I think. I hope. I love it. But the conversation is great too. It’s all exposition, but it fits and it deepens both the characters and the story in general. But the real moment I fell in love with the comic is when the local drug dealer sends a murder suspect to turn himself in. … Continue reading Resident Alien 1 (May 2012)

Resident Alien 0 (April 2012)

I kept waiting for something to happen in this issue of Resident Alien. It’s three stories from Dark Horse Presents so I thought there might be three cliffhangers–there’s one, at the very end–and some tension, but no. Instead, it’s a very genial tale. An alien becomes a small-town doctor and might also solve a murder. I never watched “Diagnosis: Murder” with Dick Van Dyke, but I think the setup is similar. Steve Parkhouse does a great job with the small town setting, Peter Hogan does well with the goings on… but there’s not much to it. The alien is still … Continue reading Resident Alien 0 (April 2012)