Over at To Each His Rocket, I talk about technology and using technology to write and the relationship between those two separate things. For example, what is the connection between a blog post I write and the app I write the post on? It is not none. Writers having fetishes and compulsions and habits other the years have shown there is a definite relationship between eccentric process and the result.

So, as something else new for Comics Fondle–Comics Fondle will be going through the biggest changes this year. The Stop Button will have to wait until 2015, its ten year anniversary. Anyway, a changelog. People use apps, people use this site. In different ways, certainly, but if a freeware developer posts changes, why shouldn’t an hobbyist.

2014-01-23- Added Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril to report card.

2014-01-19 – Added The Last Days of Animal Man, Sherlock Holmes to report card.

2014-01-15 – Added a “report card” page to serve as a curated archive of the site, versus the automatic archive. Will likely take six months to complete. Also added changelog page.


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