Comics Fondle Podcast | Best of 2017

See full episode here HONORABLE MENTIONS Ether, Lake of Fire, Slam! 1st series, Motor Crush, Powerman & Iron Fist, Kill or be Killed, Harrow County, Dead Inside, The Killer Inside Me, Copperhead, War Stories, Redneck, I Hate Fairyland, Nick Fury, Evolution Divided States of Hysteria, Kaijumax, Love & Rockets, Aliens: Dead Orbit, Letter 44, Sabrina, Mister Miracle, Shadows of the Grave, Jimmy’s Bastards, Dastardley & Muttley, Kid Lobotomy, Black Crown Quarterly, Assassinistas, Gravediggers Union, Barbarella, X-Men Grand Design BEST OF THE YEAR Black Hammer and Sherlock Frankenstein, New Super Man, Flintstones, Damned, Spy Seal, Fu Jitsu, Batman White Knight, Punisher … Continue reading Comics Fondle Podcast | Best of 2017