Dark Horse Presents 9 (July 1987)

I’m trying to think of how much more lame Mattsson’s writing could be on Vitruvian Man. I guess it’s paced well. I mean, it does indeed have a bit of content. Mattsson writes atrocious narration–it’s kind of like if Batman were an egotist moron surfer dude (with a deaf sister–Mattsson loves putting that detail in neon here). Nichols’s indie-minded artwork doesn’t fit the writing, but it isn’t bad art, just rough. Workman’s apparently totally run out of ideas for Roma, not just in terms of creating Love and Rockets stories of his own, but also in terms of writing. This … Continue reading Dark Horse Presents 9 (July 1987)

Dark Horse Presents 8 (June 1987)

I can’t believe I missed Concrete–well, actually, I can, given Vitruvian Man is in here, but I can’t believe I was “looking forward” to it. This issue’s story is… it’s hard to describe. Chadwick’s writing is kind of like if you took “Seinfeld” and made the characters care about other people’s feelings. This time, Concrete mouths off to some crappy little kids then gets so upset he has to apologize. Big whoop. Chadwick’s art’s a little lazy here, so there’s not even that benefit. Vitruvian Man is about an annoying jerk becoming superhuman. It’s of some note because the protagonist’s … Continue reading Dark Horse Presents 8 (June 1987)

Dark Horse Presents 7 (May 1987)

I never thought I’d miss Concrete so much. I guess Tony Salmons’s Monq is the best thing this issue. It’s a really dumb environment story, but the art’s interesting if not competent. Some of the writing is really bad, especially the conclusion, which literalizes the otherwise existential story. Mattsson writes two crappy stories this issue. First is The Vitruvian Man, with Mark Badger art. There are a couple good panels and it’s decent overall. Shame the story turns out to be some kind of xenophobic rambling. It’s easily one of the worst scripts I’ve read so far in Dark Horse … Continue reading Dark Horse Presents 7 (May 1987)