3 Guns 2 (September 2013)

3 Guns ends with one of the more homoerotic scenes I can think of–brown-haired guy wet in a speedo and blond-haired guy (not wet in a speedo) facing off with some more of Grant’s macho man dialogue. You can actually hear “Macho Man” in your head during the scene. If only artist Laiso spent as much time on his perspective as he does on the brown-haired guy’s chest, 3 Guns might actually look professional. But he doesn’t. Grant and Laiso don’t spend a lot of time on action, which kind of implies Laiso can’t draw it or Grant doesn’t want … Continue reading 3 Guns 2 (September 2013)

3 Guns 1 (August 2013)

It’s amazing how Steven Grant can write such atrocious, painfully tough dialogue but still plot out a good comic. I can’t possibly recommend 3 Guns because the dialogue is so silly but the story beats are pretty dang good. Guy on the run is discovered, made to do a job for some bad guys, discovers his former bromance partner is working for the other bad guys, has to agree to the job with his bad guys then Grant reveals the girl is actually playing both sides. It’d be great film noir if Grant weren’t trying to turn it into an … Continue reading 3 Guns 1 (August 2013)