Nancy in Hell 4 (October 2010)

For the last issue, Torres decides he needs a twist ending—no spoilers, but it’s the weakest of all possible twist endings. The ending I was hoping for, one setting up an awesome sequel, does not come to pass. Ryp returns for the final two page spread. It would have been nice to have him the whole time, though I guess the replacements do all right. Once again, Malaka Studio and Antonio Vasquez do about the level of work I’d expect from this kind of thing. This issue has some monsters. I would have loved to see Ryp draw a monster. … Continue reading Nancy in Hell 4 (October 2010)

Nancy in Hell 2 (September 2010)

More than a third of this issue is a history of Lucifer in the Nancy in Hell universe. Torres raises some interesting points—Lucifer’s just a spoke in the wheel because he never had free will. It’s an interesting moment when he realizes no matter what he does, he can’t really make a decision for himself and so he can’t change his station. Ryp’s history of Hell is his most successful art of the issue. Many of the pages are iconic, full-page spreads retelling a familiar story with a particular bent. Then another third is spent on Nancy’s history. It’s a … Continue reading Nancy in Hell 2 (September 2010)

Nancy in Hell 1 (August 2010)

So is the title, Nancy in Hell, a reference to Nightmare on Elm Street? Torres opens with that the titular Nancy in the middle of a monologue comparing herself to an eighties horror movie star. Maybe I’m over thinking it. Because Nancy in Hell does not offer much in the way of story or inventiveness. Actually,the soft cliffhangers compelling and unexpected. Torres does well with it. What Nancy does offer is Juan Jose Ryp doing his first work—as far as I know, anyway—for someone other than Avatar. It’s less busy and more rounded, mainstream stuff and, oh, it is beautiful. … Continue reading Nancy in Hell 1 (August 2010)