Dark Horse Presents Annual 1998 (September 1998)

The annual opens with Mignola doing a retelling of Hellboy‘s origin. I guess it’s all right. Kind of pointless, but fine. Weissman finally gets a two page Phineas Page and shows why he should have stuck to a page. Van Meter and Ross team for the first comic book appearance of Buffy. The writing is more lame than not, but it’s maybe the best Ross art I’ve ever seen. Watson’s Skeleton Key is a fairly charming little story about a witch and a little kid. I’m assuming the character’s a witch, otherwise it’d be pointless. Some wacky art mistakes though. … Continue reading Dark Horse Presents Annual 1998 (September 1998)

Captain America 605 (June 2010)

With the exception, obviously, of the Luke Ross art, this issue of Captain America is the best in story arc. I’m not sure if it’s the best part of the backup story, because–again–I couldn’t stomach it. Shockingly, Ross is a better artist than whoever does the backup. See, out of nowhere, Brubaker decides this storyline should be about Bucky and the crazy evil fifties Cap. Sure, there’s the silly moment at the end when Sam tells him not to worry about being like the crazy Cap, but the comic is once again about Bucky being unsure of himself. Brubaker’s whole … Continue reading Captain America 605 (June 2010)

Captain America 604 (May 2010)

Another three minute read. It’s better this time, as Brubaker follows the Falcon for a lot of the story and he’s writing the Falcon a lot better than Bucky here. This story, Bucky’s coming off like a moron. There’s some awful artwork again–it kind of reminds me of the really bad Don Perlin Werewolf by Night stuff–but those comics took like fifteen minutes to read. Not three. And they had interesting stories. Brubaker’s crazy evil Captain America? Most boring villain ever. Though I do like the inference anyone who thinks like he does must be insane. It’s like if Glenn … Continue reading Captain America 604 (May 2010)

Captain America 603 (April 2010)

Wow. Four bucks for a comic I read in three minutes. I guess one of those bucks is for the Nomad backup, but I skimmed it then gave up on it. It’s not just poorly written, it’s incompetently illustrated. Now, calling the backup story incompetently illustrated seems unfair given the Luke Ross pencils on the main story. Even with Butch Guice inking, it’s just hideous artwork. I remember when Brubaker joined Marvel, it was so exciting. Now it’s just depressing. As far as I remember, he never phoned it in at DC. At Marvel, it seems like he does nothing … Continue reading Captain America 603 (April 2010)

Captain America 602 (March 2010)

So this is the issue with the “tea baggers,” the issue Brubaker apologized for. Did he apologize for the rest–how he portrays people in Idaho as psychotic anti-government racists, just waiting for a Hitler to lead them? Because I don’t think he did. It’s a lead-in story, a ramp-up. I’m pretty jaded on Brubaker’s Marvel plotting style for ongoing series, since they’re usually fake arcs to trade easily but the story just goes on and on. I guess it’s fine. It’s not particularly interesting though, especially not after the lackluster Reborn. Bucky doesn’t even get any good moments and he … Continue reading Captain America 602 (March 2010)

Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield? 1 (February 2010)

How did Marvel resist putting Obama on the cover of this issue? It’s actually–besides the awful Luke Ross art, which is just terrible–a good issue of Captain America. Bucky and the Black Widow do their thing, Steve does his (showing up at the White House looking like an Ed McGuinness drawing). There’s a nice fight scene with the two Captain Americas, the Black Widow and Mister Hyde. There’s some good dialogue between Bucky and the New Avengers and Steve and Sharon (she hasn’t apologized for shooting him I notice)–plus, Steve Rogers has sex. How’s do you like that one, Disney … Continue reading Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield? 1 (February 2010)